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Legend of Ol’ Man Packard’s Farm

Jeremiah Applegate was an evil man, no one would argue that.  So, when the townsmen decided to take matters into their own hands, the law looked the other way.  With pitchforks white-knuckled in each of their hands, they went on a man hunt to ensure that old Jeremiah wouldn’t hurt another young girl. 
Hearing the men close in on him, Jeremiah rushed from his home and fled to the country where he found refuge in an old field.  It was there he got the diabolical plan to hide inside the scarecrow that was erected in the field to keep the crows away.  The plan was so good, it should have worked.  However, when old farmer Packard passed by that scarecrow, he noticed the beady eyes of Jeremiah looking out at him.  Without hesitation, ole Packard plunged his pitchfork deep inside the belly of Jeremiah, killing him.
Now they say that evil never truly leaves.  It just finds a new vessel.  As that blood spilled on that hard, dark soil, evil took a new form.   Many people talk about the scarecrow in these parts that is bound by the corn field.  He waits.  He knows that curiosity gets folks sooner or later and that is when they decide to explore ol’ Packard’s field.  Many go in, few get out.