corn cannon

Corn Cannon
It’s true, Exploration Acres has a cannon that shoots ears of corn. An ear of corn can hurl up to 500 feet through the air with
a click of a finger. The cannon operates on compressed air and makes a great boom when it is fired. The kids will love it! No fear parents, an Exploration Acres employee will be present when the cannon is fired.

gem mine
Gem Mine
If you see treasure in your near future, a trip to Exploration Acres can’t be far away! First, select a three-pound sand bag
with either fossils or gems to be discovered. Each bag comes with a plastic bag for preserving your finds, and an
identification card so you can recognize what types of gems you have uncovered! Next, your family can spend time
together at one of the twenty-six stations along the specially designed water sluice panning for hidden treasures! So get
your hands a little dirty and become a miner for a day!

combat zone
Combat Zone
No visit to the farm would be complete without a friendly game of laser tag with friends and family. Unlimited wrist bands
are just $4, so you can play multiple times to improve your skill. Each game, in our outdoor combat area, lasts 7 to 10
minutes, depending on group size.

fire pits
Fire Pits
Don’t forget to pack your chocolate, marshmallows and grahams for the trip. Making a s’more over an open fire in the
woods is a real memory maker. It is a great opportunity to share stories with family and friends as you relax around the
fire and cook your favorite treats. Fire pits can be reserved for just $20. Click here to book yours today!